This blog is the electronic trail of the journey through literature that I have recently begun. As an undergraduate studying Spanish and English, I have great ambitions to gain entrance into a prestigious graduate school and continue my literary studies, concentrating (most likely) on American literature of the 19th Century, although choosing a side of the Atlantic and a century within history is a semi-painful prospect upon which I will not meditate here. This blog will be my site for writing about the literature and related readings that I encounter over the next months as I prepare for the GRE Subject Test in Literature.

Although there exist some marvelous sites/blogs of others who have gone before and amalgamated their assiduously-acquired literary knowledge, this blog will not attempt a perfectly congruent (or updated) venture. Although I do hope that the writings that I do here will aid those disciples of literature and language that follow me, the blog will serve a much more selfish purpose, assisting me in condensing, distilling, and placing in memory those things that I read as I attempt to round out my undergraduate education in the English (Spanish and other cultural) canon(s).

Welcome to my blog. Take from it as you will, and add to it as you see helpful. Any contrasting viewpoints, links to other sources, or recommendations for further reading are greatly appreciated. Enjoy your time here!


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