This post signifies the offical incipience of my road on the path to greater literary and linguistic excellence. As a student of literature who intends to continue such a course throughout the duration of my life, I implement this blog as a journal of my progress and protractions, my pleasures and pains. Of primary importance to this blog is the recording of my pathway along the the road to taking the GRE Subject Test in Literature, a task that I will undergo (likely) in October of this year. A secondary, concomitant goal is to document my general increase in literary knowledge, a task that will greatly aid me in graduate studies. A third and incidental achievement will be to enhance my ability to write quickly and pithily about such literature. If more goals or powers are developed in conjunction with the composition of this blog, I will cease delineating them here for fear of boring my already waning-in-interest reader.

Although I initially intended to lay out a design and begin to structure a course of systematic study, I find my mental prowess lacking tonight. I took the general GRE this morning, and being the anxious fellow that I am, last night was a restive one for me, yielding a total of around 4 hours of sleep. A (seemingly) long and (relatively) successful test day, coupled with a poor night of sleep, have led to the most pleasant of torpors that I am now experiencing. Thus, I save such tasks for the morrow, a day that I hope brings renewed energy and the return of the mental vitality that will be necessary to complete the task.

Though I expect to attract no readers other than my best of friends, a lad creating a similar blog, I welcome any peripatetic (used in the electronic sense, of course) wanderer to join me on my odyssey. May the pathway through (around, above, behind and prepositionally otherwise) the literature be a bountiful and rewarding one for us all!